Meet the photographers

Angela Hemming

A native of Victoria, Angela has been living in the 'hood since 2007. Her father, Michael Hemming, taught art at Vic High from 1964 to 1984. She remembers visiting his classrooms, looking up at all the big teenagers, and how Fernwood was Hippie Central back then. In addition to curating Fernwood365, Angela publishes a daily personal blog.

Dale Horricks

Dale and his wife Darleene lived in Fernwood from 1985 to 1999. Various members of Darleene's family lived on Grant and Pembroke streets from the early 1900s to around 1990.

Fernwood is still Dale's favourite community in which to walk, photograph and hang out.

Lotus Johnson
Lotus has lived in Fernwood off and on since 1972 and continuously since 1990. She has been on the Board of Directors of the Fernwood Association and editor of the Fernwood News.

She lives in a house built in 1889, three blocks from where her grandmother was born. Now that's local!

Aaron Licht

Aaron the photographer has a spirited infatuation with the sun and a healthy obsession with looking at things.  He also has a deep speaking voice, a high-pitched squeal and pays his friends in girlie giggles.

Sam Marshall 
Originally from Edmonton, Sam lives on Pembroke St. and says Fernwood is her favourite part of Victoria: "It feels like a large family blanket surrounding you with its warmth and love." She likes to wander the streets admiring all the unique homes and strangers along the way, taking photos whenever inspired, which in Fernwood, happens a lot.

Pat Nicholls
Pat is originally from Toronto but spent many years in Calgary where she discovered she really, really dislikes cold weather. Especially in August!  A year ago she transitioned into Fernwood where robins live year-round.  A happy thing.... She is very pleased to have a coffee shop, wine bar, restaurants, small grocery store and a live theatre within walking distance. Pat takes pictures of everything that has interesting colour and form, and finds even her Blackberry comes in handy!

Tony Sprackett

Tony Sprackett has lived in Fernwood since 1983, at Spring Ridge Co-op Housing Association. He was a founding co-owner of Fernwood's Soho Village Bistro in the early 90s. He's President of the Fernwood Community Association, and an activist with BC Government and Service Employees Union as well as working on many political campaigns.

Tony married Lydia Olchoff in 2010 and now aims to make more time for family, photography and music in his life.

Susan Jones

For Susan,  photography challenges her to shut off her day-to-day auto-view of the Victoria BC street scape and see it instead as a gallery of immense possibility. She says, "Being open to the elements and aware of my surroundings at the same time, to make myself safe, is an odd juxtaposition and one I believe is reflected in my photographs."

Susan is married with grown children, is an executive board member of the Victoria Film Commission, and is currently writing a script. Her paid work is at the daily news where she helps clients identify advertising needs in print, mobile and online.

Follow her on twitter: @SusanJones.

Organized Sound
Steve Schmidt
Bernard Dupriez-Mitchell
Jaclyn Stone
Alexander Cunningham
Lily Dog
Herb Neufeld
R.A. Paterson
Michael Colynuck
Tim Van Horn
Beth Muise
Mila Czemerys
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